eyeOS : Netvibes contender?

image of the eyeOS main page, click to go to the eyeOS page.

eyeOS: basically an online Operating System.  This Open Source software can be tailored for various uses: education, business etc.  Administrators can tailor the programs and tools that users have access to on their virtual desktop.  Saving files and organization happens on a server so the desktop is available online from any computer!  In education, teachers or even the school could decide what programs need to be available and create the OS for students to access from their laptops or other computer stations for classes.

eyeOS Education applications:

  • Word processor that enables simultaneous editing by several users.
  • Spreadsheet that enables simultaneous editing by several users.
  • EyeShow presentation creator.
  • User administration, easy management, modification of information, and group changes.
  • Blog (personal blog for each student and for the teacher).
  • Integrated wiki for each class.
  • Integrated forum for each class.
  • Resource manager that enables you to create educational content with exercises for students to complete online.
  • ‘Petit escriptor’. Interactive application for creating stories.
  • Painter (licensed Java application).
  • eye Tweet (application and tweets).
  • Concept map creator.
  • Calendar (personal and shared).
  • Internal messaging.
  • Contacts.
  • Chat.

Now, does this really compete with Netvibes?  I don’t think so.  Netvibes is a dashboard application which allows the user to tailor their mainpage to include feeds from all kinds of internet sources.  EyeOS does not give the user a whole lot of options, it is the administrator that decides what is available on the desktop.

I see an integration opportunity here!  EyeOS provides the application support, Netvibes allows the individuality to shine through on the dashboard.  Give the user control of the visual aspects, let the administrator control the available applications.

EyeOS could be the answer to a lot of educational institution licensing headaches…  Buy a bulk license and have apps available on the virtualOS.  Students don’t need to be dealing with version issues or funds for purchasing software anymore!


One comment on “eyeOS : Netvibes contender?

  1. I couple of years ago, I learned that the OS is going to the cloud. And as you mentioned, for school it could really help jump over the issues around the “one laptop per child” program with such issues as licensing and hardware upgrades, privacy, etc.

    LCD manufacturer’s are coming out with organic/polymer light-emitting diodes screen that will ultimately replace the notebook as it is. So, the idea is that customers would buy the flexible lcd and pay a monthly service fee for the OS.


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