Netvibes Dashboarding – LMS/CMS integration

posted by myNetvibes

Dashboarding is the term for this inernet information aggregator.  I would consider this in the early stages of innovation for education.  Moodle and other LMSs have really taken a hold of the educational market.  There is no problem in that by any means and I have been using Moodle for years.  I love the LMS format; it’s easy, logical and more reliable for education than having an uncontrolled fleet of faculty webpages.  The standardless universe abounds with faculty HTML…   I am really digging on the dashboarding idea!  In conjunction with a LMS this has real potential!

I built a little netvibes page and put some HTML widgets in there.  This allows you to put the URL of any page you want displayed.  Right away this is appealing to me as an instructor since I have several pages that I would love to have loaded in plain sight within a single page.  I added in my Moodle page along with a link to the online textbook which has homework activities for the students and an Explorelearning link which hosts a variety of flash-based science simulations.  All my daily basics, awesome!  I will add email a little later and I am a bit worried about the chaos that might cause on the page.  I threw in a YouTube widget so I can type in the subject matter and bam!  I am ready to roll!

I just read a netvibes blog that talked about the ability to drag n’ drop facebook and twitter feeds into the Netvibes Dashboard:

This just adds another capability to the dashboarding idea being the integration mechanism between CMS and LMS.

The more I dig, the better and better this looks for educational uses!


2 comments on “Netvibes Dashboarding – LMS/CMS integration

  1. Jen says:

    This is an interesting idea, Scott. I can see applications for this just about everywhere. This seems to be a bigger, better, badder version of the concept being used now in Windows 7 with the display of multiple pages as you mouse over the tabs. I like the idea of a compiled simple page that I could launch from whenever I needed it. I am going to investigate Netvibes. Could have some excellent benefits for online collaboration and exploration. Thanks!

  2. The video is most certainly impressive. I am new to both LMS and CMS
    so this dashboard idea by netvibes really blows my mind, is it being used outside of an educational environment? I wonder is it as easy as it looks.

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