Using eBeam for Video Tutorials

Creating a database of Video lessons, even just short snippets, truly solves the Substitute dilemma.  I have always struggled with the planning of valuable sub plans.  Pop in a related Video, create a question bank and just hope that the sub can turn on the VCR without a hiccup.  Kids check out with the Video lesson.  I went on family leave 2 years ago, really 2 years already?, and created some short screencast videos and links to powerpoints.   The students loved it and performed a lot better than the usual VCR method.  I have used Jing in the past and am now experimenting with the eBeam video capture feature.

I started using Jing after a Professional Development where Bill Scanlon visited our school.  He talked about the uses of Jing and it is truly an easy to use tool.  The free version only allows a couple of minutes of video recording so I started looking for an alternative.

eBeam to the rescue!  We have interactive whiteboards by Luidia called the eBeam.  One of the tools to use is a snapshot or video feature.  There is no time limit on recording, you can set the recording area of the desktop and it records in Flash format!

Most of the screencast type programs really need a microphone setup to work well.  Using the mic on my laptop results in horrific audio that is not only hard to hear but also gives the lovely ‘inside a tin can’ sound.  My next step is to invest in a wireless mic so I can make videos of actual lectures as they happen.


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